Monday, September 6, 2010


Why do my socks smell so fucking bad, i had to wrap them in a towel and throw them in the corner of the bathroom just so my whole house wont smell like shit. I think i might need a new pair of shoes these fuckers are like 7 years old.
Blowing shit the fuck up.


  1. i love you

  2. nice blog

    toss them shoes....I'm sure u have bred some sort of new bacteria up in those things

  3. oh man buy new ones they're not that expensive
    nice blog
    supporting you bro

  4. Here's a trick that you can try. Your shoes probably stink because of the bacteria living in them. Thus, if you kill them, the smell should be gone.

    Put your shoes in a plastic bag, dump them in the freezer overnight and that should kill everything.

  5. Just put those bitches in the freezer, Fuck you bacteria!