Monday, October 11, 2010

GG Women

An interesting thing I learned today.  Our chromosomes are made up of DNA tightly packed by an array of different packing and organization mechanisms.  DNA is wrapped around histone proteins so tightly that it can be highly condensed in the nucleus (each cell nucleus in our body (which is about 10 micrometers wide) contained 23 sets of chromosomes in mammals, and if stretched out it can span to about 2 meters).  Some parts are highly condensed in certain areas of the chromosome and cannot be read due to it not being accessible.

Interesting enough the x chromosome is very highly compacted with these hetero-chromosomes, and women have two of them so with that being said, women are retarded, until early in the embryonic development where one x chromosome is inactivated through their whole lifespan.  Thus concluding that women are more insignificant than men, GG Women. So after all of that i guess i have a thing for retards, time to go hang out at some tard hot spots.