Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Taco Bell Adventure

Disclaimer: I am going to use the word nigger in this post, and in my mind there is a huge differnce between a nigger and black person, So just keep that in mind.

So i was at taco bell about 20 minutes ago getting some delicious cheesy gordita fucking crunches and after i got my food i pulled up to the trashcan that's like 20 feet past the window where i got my nutrients, I stop at the trashcan lean over to the passenger side to grab some old Wendy's bags to throw them away, and when i come back up there is a fucking nigger standing outside my door saying "gif me yo monies foo". So at this point im just thinking what the fuck. Also a note i could barely hear this nigger over my awesome fucking death metal, which im pretty sure had to scare this fucking nigger some what because this shit is fucking intense ill post a link to the song later in the post because im just rambling now, back to the story. So this nigger is out side the door and spouting his nigger speak and he leans in to try and grab something in my car and i just think aw hell naw nigga so i punch that fucker in the face and drive the fuck away like a bad ass.

PS: Pic Related

Here is that sweet fucking music that had me pumped to punch people in the face.


  1. A lot of niggers work at the Taco Bell me and my friends go to some time. They suck at making food. One night we called them a nigger in the drive through because they closed before closing time. My friend peeled out as we were doing so.

  2. Taco Bell is God's gift to me

  3. Should always have those Bear Mases just to ruin some guy's day :P

  4. I'm surprised the music didn't scare him away, lol. Good song. :)

  5. Hahah only at taco bell. Good post